• Q-FI

    Our survey platform is used to quickly create, deploy and view results of complex and simple market research projects.

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  • VID-OE Recording

    Introducing VID-OE by Q-Fi Solutions. Record videos directly onto your website or application. Effortlessly add VID-OE to collect Video Open-ends in your surveys

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  • Custom Development

    We build data driven interactive apps and tools. Our services include and are not limited to web, portals and app design and development.

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Walk through video

Watch the walk through video that features some of Q-Fi’s unique capabilities:

  • • Custom Questions
  • • Image Ready Sliders
  • • Hybrid Grid Questions
  • • Concept Optimizer

And many more interactive question types

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Q-Fi Demo Survey

Demo Survey

Q-Fi is the most customizable platform and allows researchers to be more creative and profitable. Take a look at our demo survey to explore some of Q-Fi’s unique capabilities and ways to create compelling projects to gain superior insights.

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  • Josephine Mazzuca, Ph.D.  Professor, RAPP & Liberal Studies,  Humber College

    Our students in the Humber College Research Analyst Postgraduate Program (RAPP) had the opportunity to use a specially built Q-Fi platform this year to conduct their surveys for their major research projects. Students found the platform easy to use and incredibly well supported by the team at Q-Fi. Support for our students was always timely and helpful. The use of Q-Fi contributed greatly to our students’ success.

    Josephine Mazzuca, Ph.D. Professor, RAPP & Liberal Studies, Humber College
  • Kristie LeVangie, Director, Research Design & Operations

    After investigating several different platforms for our mobile ethnography methodology, Q-Fi rose to the top as our preferred platform. Allowing us the ability to consolidate our quantitative and qualitative approaches to data collection in one comprehensive, cohesive place, our mobile ethnographic research now provides much deeper insights to our clients. Q-Fi quite simply helps us do smarter research…and who doesn’t want that?”

    Kristie LeVangie, Director, Research Design & Operations
  • Susan Spaulding, Principal, Complete Growth

    Complete Growth International is a strong advocate of Q-FI Solutions, choosing them as our market research technology partner for Growth Charts. Q-FI Solutions created an engine that is easy to use in survey development and in the automated delivery of the Growth Charts dashboard for our Courtship performance measures. They are partnering with us to provide further benefit to our members by ensuring easy access to the more robust solutions they offer. It is clear they understand the value of a great survey experience across all types of platforms. The investment they have made in our partnership is greatly appreciated.

    Susan Spaulding, Principal, Complete Growth


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