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November 27, 2014

Leveraging technology as a market differentiator

In this post Romain Baczyk from Q-Fi Solutions ( provides tips for research and market insights professionals looking to leverage technology as a market differentiator.

Let's face it; today everyone is doing online research. It's become industry standard. It is cost effective and fast. And survey tools are more accessible than ever. So how do you compete and create a game changer? The companies we serve challenge status quo and leverage the latest research technology for distinctive edge. In one of her recent posts, guest blogger Susan Spaulding from Recalibrate Strategies discusses change, and why doing things differently can be unpleasant but is a necessity. In this article we'll explore the role market research technology can play and concrete ways you can distance yourself from the competition. Q-Fi Solutions prides itself on providing innovative survey tools. We work with our clients to bring ideas to life and offer new ways to capture deeper insights and take research to a whole new level.


The Internet has changed and websites have evolved. Designers need to keep up with trends to remain competitive. Consumers form an opinion based on their online experience and expect sites to be mobile friendly. How come so many online surveys do not look and feel like a professional website? Shouldn't the same principle apply to online surveys? A poorly designed survey will have a negative impact on your organization, the MR industry as a whole and the respondent's perception of the brand.

How can the right platform help MR firms?

Real estate is all about location, location, and location. We at Q-Fi Solutions think that next gen online research is about customization, customization, and customization.

Here are a few ways you can distance yourself from the competition:

  • Respondents, like you and me, are inundated with data all the time - you need to make surveys visually appealing and more compelling to increase engagement
  • Include some qualitative elements to your quantitative surveys to reveal deeper insights and create a unique experience. For instance, capture video responses, ask respondents to draw a response, get feedback on a creative content or videos
  • Make sure your surveys work with any web browser and are mobile friendly
  • Generate a QR code for quick access
  • Make your surveys more interactive: for instance, add a help button in case respondents have questions, use interactive maps, and embed external content
  • Make surveys your own and create a more entertaining and compelling experience: customize sliders, combine various elements into a grid, integrate Google fonts and add your own navigation buttons and stars
  • Select a technology partner who understands market research and has the capabilities to create unique question types including game like elements and incorporate innovative ways to collect feedback

Are you leveraging these possibilities?

Here is what some Q-Fi users have to say, and how they are using technology to stand out:

After investigating several different platforms for our mobile ethnography methodology, Q-Fi rose to the top as our preferred platform. Allowing us the ability to consolidate our quantitative and qualitative approaches to data collection in one comprehensive, cohesive place, our mobile ethnographic research now provides much deeper insights to our clients. Q-Fi quite simply helps us do smarter research...and who doesn't want that?

- Kristie LeVangie, Director, Research Design & Operations, Curiosity Advertising

At Chatter, we like to push the envelope with heavy interactive functionality and dynamic logic in our questionnaires. Q-Fi is the only survey platform that we've found that can meet our technology requirements. Not only are their surveys beautiful and interactive, but they work seamlessly on any browser or platform. We highly recommend the Q-Fi platform for survey development and hosting.

- Nelson Tao, SVP Quantitative Insights, Chatter Inc.

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Romain Baczyk is EVP of Sales and Business Development at Market Research technology specialist Q-Fi Solutions. Q-Fi Solutions' flagship product is Q-Fi Surveys, the most customizable online data collection solution designed with market research organizations' needs in mind. He can be reached at