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November 5, 2014

We know the Market, Why ask the customer?

So, you think you know your target market. You have a dedicated sales team talking to customers every day. You have others who analyze sales and market trends. So why should you consult the customer? You have it down, right? Well, maybe. But maybe not.

There is no graver error than ignoring the voice of the customer. And, there is really no excuse for it. Especially today, with the vast resources of the Internet to help marketers reach out to customers and potential customers via discussion groups, social media, blogs, email and surveys.

It is a huge mistake to assume that because you knew the market five years ago or even one year ago that you don't need to reach out to the customer. The world moves fast, and today's savvy consumers have more options than ever before. They have new problems, new needs and those needs are always changing.

Let's see how well you know your current target market by answering some questions:

  • Who is your customer? Male or female? How old are they? Where do they live? The list could go on.
  • What do they read? What social media sites do they use?
  • What problems do they currently have? Who is solving them?
  • How do they prefer to shop?
  • What are their underlying motivators in decision-making?

These are just a few questions, and there are many more that can and should be asked. Do you already have this information? Is it still current and relevant? Are you making any assumptions about your customers? If you think you know what they want, there is a decent chance that you may be overlooking opportunity, so it's probably best to make sure.

There are many ways to allow the voice of the customer to be heard. They want to be heard, so really all you have to do is ask. The answers are there. In fact, when it comes to social media, every follower, every "like", is an opportunity to research your market and find new ways to serve your customers.

In the world of marketing, the only constant is change. In order to stay successful, you must continuously recalibrate. Let the voice of the customer be your guide and you won't go wrong.

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