We've Always Done It That Way

"Change is hard." "Change is inevitable." "Be the change you want to see." Whichever description of change you ascribe to, the fact remains that the process of change - be it in an organization, a work structure, a project approach, or a personal attitude - is difficult and time-consuming. Many people around you, and perhaps even you, are change resistant, often without even realizing it. And change resistance is the number one roadblock to making a positive difference in any given situation.

In many workplaces, the common refrain to change is "but we've always done it that way." Routines are comfortable, and knowing what to expect time and again can make you and your coworkers feel like you're doing what you know best and that's the best way to do it. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is a dangerous attitude. After all, Albert Einstein said that "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

What different results are you looking to achieve in your business? Do you need to keep up with advances in technology? Find ways to stay ahead of competitors? Improve your process flows to gain efficiency and save time? Fill your product pipeline? Increase customer share of wallet? Whatever results you are striving to accomplish, change must be at the center. And change comes from within.

Breaking down change resistant mindsets can be as difficult as the overall changes are to implement. But the process of converting employees from change resistors to change advocates will have infinitely positive results on realizing an organization's overall goals. At the same time, change isn't something to be taken lightly or run through quickly or without adequate planning. Laying the groundwork for changing attitudes and process in succession is absolutely necessary to a positive end result.

Creating a Change culture starts with leadership. Recalibrating your way of doing business can be complicated, but made much easier by working with professionals who are well-versed in industry and employee trends, as well as experienced in lighting the spark that can lead to turning around your current business and striding confidently and competitively into the future.

Once your workforce is on board, the strategy of change can be developed and implemented. But that's not the end of the road. Customers and clients can be as change resistant as your internal resources. So once the first two phases are addressed, the third challenge still lies ahead: marketing your improved offerings to stand apart and ahead of all others. Recalibrate Strategies, led by founder Susan Spaulding, is ready to partner with you to help your organization "be the change you want to see." Start down the road to growth and change today and Recalibrate now!

Recalibrate Strategies help companies grow their business. We apply proven marketing systems to recalibrate their business and their brands by collaboratively creating a success blueprint. We facilitate a process that harnesses insights, generates new ideas and provides a strategic roadmap. Our founder and lead consultant has 30+ years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and marketing expert with exceptional leadership and facilitation skills.

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