June 15, 2014

Email Management System

We have just added a new and exciting way to create stunning email invitations, deliver them to your respondents and track performance, to our already extensive list of capabilities that come standard with the Q-FI platform.

Here is a high level overview of this great addition. Please explore this new feature in Q-Fi today, we are sure you'll be impressed!

Top Benefits

Create campaigns with less effort and time

Get great results and reduce non-response bias

Schedule delivery - select best day and time to distribute email invitations, spread out delivery (if desired) and increase click rates

Create personalized emails that look great and capture attention; light up your invites and make a great first impression

Helps you comply with CAN-SPAM act

You do not need to worry about delivery servers and monitoring of anti-spam sites, you can concentrate on your core business

Reduce latency and increase probability of successful email delivery; we have partnered with a sender with a stellar reputation that sends billions of emails every month via servers around the globe

Send unlimited number of invitations (with appropriate License Agreement; conditions apply)

Core Features

Fully integrated with the Q-FI survey platform

Import email invitation lists, automatically check and remove duplicates and incorrectly formatted email addresses

No programming required to design and manage campaigns of any size

Wizard walks you through the steps to setup, design and confirm with just a few clicks

Format your content with WYSIWYG editor (generate the HTML for you) / complete control of the HTML, if desired

Select any From email address you desire and automatically authenticate the email address of the sender

Automatically add unsubscribe (opt-out) link and your contact info at the bottom of your email to comply with CAN-SPAM act

Get real-time accurate preview as you design; see exactly how your email will look without leaving the campaign module

Send a test to any email address(es)

Analyse results: view open rate, click rate, bounce rate, not delivered, unsubscribed, successfully delivered, total opens, Click per unique opens and export reports, if desired