September 26, 2014

We know the Market, Why ask the customer?

Explore some of the new functionality and security updates in version 1.3

New question types and customization features for Sliders and Hybrid (360) Grids

New dartboard and thermometer interactive question types have been added to deliver visually appealing and engaging surveys.

New and improved slider questions, allow you to customize how the slider items are placed on the slider bar.

Hybrid (360) Grid Question has been updated to include column separators and column definition/headlines. This update also gives you the ability to customize the width and color of the separator line.

Additional survey deployment features

Schedule survey close and end dates, allows you to set a schedule and define when your survey should be opened and closed. In addition, you can customize the content of the “Close Survey” status screen.

QR Code generator gives you the ability to generate a unique QR code for your survey that can be downloaded.

Default SSL Encryption

From the log in to the respondents’ data collection process, all connections to Q-Fi are now secured with SSL certificate encryption by default.

Updated Status Screens

No more generic system status screens. You now have control to customize the access screen for Restricted Surveys, as well as all other status screens such as the survey closed or unavailable screens have now been upgraded to have a more modern feel.

More Control + Better Quality = Accurate Data Collection

Question timer, allows you to track how much time a respondent spent on each question in the survey. This data can then be used for quality checks and other validation functions.

Improved textbox validation properties, gives you the ability to apply different validation functions on different text fields within the same question.

Built-in Postal and Zip code validation capabilities, allow you to check for the correct codes entered without any additional scripting. In the back-end Q-Fi automatically tracks and records the city, state and regions based on the postal / zip codes entered.

Survey monitoring and reporting improvements

Incidence plus now gives you the ability to customize which terminations points are counted towards your incidence calculation. You can now export a formatted PDF document of the Incidence Plus reporting screen.

Response viewer has been added to the Data Viewer module. Allowing you to review responses in a formatted case by case basis. It also provides the ability to print, export PDF or share the report using a unique encrypted link.

Data Manager has now replaced the Data Export module. You now have the ability to view a history of all exported files, schedule data delivery in CSV or SPSS format and bulk delete cases as needed.