The Q-Fi Story

Q-Fi Solutions was founded in 2011 by a team with in-depth knowledge of the Market Research industry. One of the unique benefits of working with us is we are experienced software users turned innovators and creators of rock star technology. We are naturally inspired to move forward and grow within the survey software space.

Using the latest technology, we deliver modern and intuitive applications to generate valuable and reliable insights and make research more attractive for your clients. Q-Fi Solutions combines decades of survey programming experience with modern software development expertise and provides sophisticated and powerful solutions.

We are extremely responsive to user requests and implement new functionalities faster than anyone else.Our vast experience in software development and data collection has led to the development of multiple innovative web-based applications for market research agencies and enterprises with an internal MR function.

Our most recent creations, designed for companies of all sizes, include Q-Fi and VID-OE. We also have a team dedicated to developing custom software applications and are readily available to meet with you and discuss how we can help you.

Anthony Molinaro


Anthony Molinaro is the CEO of Q-Fi Solutions. Anthony is a research expert and an entrepreneur with a solid track record. He is also the CEO of The Logit Group, a company he co-created almost two decades ago to execute research projects to a higher standard. Anthony's leadership and experience in all methodologies and statistics have helped grow The Logit Group into one of the largest research execution firms. A member of the MRA/MRIA and strategic thinker, Anthony has built a team of research professionals that have a passion for the execution of market research and advanced technologies. Anthony leads the strategic direction of Q-Fi Solutions and is also responsible for exploring synergistic partnerships. Anthony has the unique ability to implement solutions by aligning the right people and unmatched knowledge into online research technologies.

Sam Pisani


Sam Pisani leads as COO of Q-Fi Solutions. Sam is responsible for all aspects of the company's operations and he leads the vision on how technologies can enhance the survey research experience. Sam is also the President of The Logit Group. He co-created the company in 1997 to conduct polling for political purposes. Under his leadership the company has experienced unprecedented growth. Sam has a record of positioning companies for success. He expanded the company's reach into new markets. He has a MA in Political Communication & Public Opinion from York, as well as a BA (Hons) in Political Sciences from University of Toronto. A stealth leader and synergist, Sam has deep expertise in research and a passion for technology. He has completed thousands of projects utilizing all types of methodologies. What distinguishes Sam from other top entrepreneurs in the industry is his creative vision and determination to drive innovation.

Rafael Mangra


Rafael Mangra is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Q-Fi Solutions. Rafael has been designing superior data driven solutions for the market research and financial industry for over a decade. He leads a talented team of engineers and designers. People describe Rafael as a creative genius with an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for perfection. He believes the road to success is to constantly innovate and push the envelope. Although his skill set is vast his passion is to work with clients and build great technology products to solve complex business problems.