Employee Engagement

In today’s world it is imperative that we continuously recalibrate. Susan Spaulding, principal of Recalibrate Strategies and Q-FI Solutions guest blogger, provides practical ways to embed recalibrating into your culture and uncover new possibilities.

Out of all the resources within the organization, the human resource is by far the most precious. Technology and processes have their place in the company, however, its starts with people and it ends with people - what motivates them to do their work or to purchase your product.

Successful companies look for both skill and will - who will be a perfect fit for the company's culture. A dynamic team will need another dynamic individual to keep driving that momentum.

It's also important to realize that the first time the employee walks through the door, brand indoctrination should begin so the individual is prepared with the story you wish to communicate. And, it is only a beginning. Message frequency is an important tenet so each person stays up to date with what the company stands for and where the leadership is going.

Think of your own encounters and you recognize how people represent the brand. For example, when you encounter an airline ticket counter representative who has an attitude, positive or negative, you immediately transfer it to your perception of the airline.

So, how do you get a diverse group of employees to align on a common goal and message? How you express your story and the conviction to delivering on the brand promise is key. And, so are all the touchpoints that you can use to connect with your team — lunch n' learns, town halls, intranet posts, newsletters and e-mails to name a few.

When you have your team working as brand evangelists, it will be easier to attract and retain the skill and will you wish for your culture and your success.

Recalibrate Strategies, led by founder Susan Spaulding, is ready to partner with you to offer a full complement of tools, insights and ideas to help your organization recalibrate and accelerate your growth.Recalibrate Strategies help companies grow their business. We apply proven marketing systems to recalibrate their business and their brands by collaboratively creating a success blueprint. We facilitate a process that harnesses insights, generates new ideas and provides a strategic roadmap. Our founder and lead consultant has 30+ years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and marketing expert with exceptional leadership and facilitation skills.

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